Less Social Pressure, More Acupressure

Unlock New Sources Of Energy, Relieve Pain, Become More Present, And Learn To Trust Your Body With Self-Acupressure for Women

Kyla Plaxton

You’re just so tired of being tired

Being a woman isn’t easy. Family obligations, social pressures, personal fulfillment, physical health, mental wellness, hormones  – It just all feels so overwhelming at times.

  • You are more attuned to what the people around you need and want than your own self.
  • You collect magazine articles about health, wellness, and purpose but secretly feel as if you’re being called out.
  • You can’t seem to find the time or energy to take care of yourself after a full day of caring for everyone else.
  • You feel as if you can only create balance in your life by taking control of everything
  • You hate to admit it out loud, but you don’t always trust (or hear) your intuition.
  • You feel out of touch with your body, inner-self, and desires.


Women thrive in harmony and balance. We don’t like to compartmentalize. So, when one area of our life feels as if it’s lacking, we can begin to feel disjointed.

The answer isn’t hidden out there in another substance or magazine article. It lies within you.

Learn powerful Somatic Techniques curated to support you in your emotional, physical, and mental journey.

Acupressure is a holistic healing modality that involves applying precise pressure on designated points throughout the body. In addition to physical benefits (reduced pain, increased circulation, etc.), practicing self-acupressure can have a profound impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you’ve ever felt discomfort in your belly while feeling guilty or your jaw clench in a moment of frustration, then you’ve experienced the very real connection between the body and emotions.

Over the years, these emotions can become stuck in your body creating pain and discomfort. Many people find they free negative emotions and energy blockages while working with self-acupressure.

What would you be capable of without years of negativity and limiting beliefs to keep you stuck?

Create A Life You Love

Master your menstruation to relieve cramps, ease the emotional rollercoaster, and learn to use tap into the potent energy of your period.

Connect with your body, create self-care rituals that fill you up, and learn the difference between your inner-naysayer and your intuition.

Learn to communicate and create firm boundaries from a place of love which ultimately nourish and strengthen relationships with both yourself and others.

Self-care is more than just a buzzword.

You are worthy of a joyful, purpose-filled, pain-free life! Integrating self-acupressure into your daily life and self-care rituals doesn’t have to be intimidating.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

You’re not alone.

Healing isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

We aren’t here to strive for some limiting vision of perfection. We’re here to heal, grow, and return to our true selves.

Through the years, I’ve learned to leverage my training in acupressure to support my journey not just as a person but also as a woman.


This practice has created a shift in every area of my life. Painful periods became a time to ground myself and reconnect with my feminine energy, anxieties faded into discernment, and frenetic energy became more focused and productive.

Three Ways to Practice


At Your Own Pace DIY

Join the 30-Day #ARTOFAWE Journey to learn how to incorporate self-acupressure into your everyday life.

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In A Community of Like-Hearted Women

Lasting change rarely ever happens in a vacuum. Femme School is a community of powerful women who support and encourage one another while on their own healing journey.

Peaceful Period

With Me 1:on:1

Get personalized, in-depth self-acupressure guidance and coaching to support your healing journey through 1:on:1 sessions with me.