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I Support Passionate Women intrigued by Self-Acupressure to Heal Pain, Unlock New Sources of Energy and Live her Desires Free from Limitations. 

Use highly effective Somatic Techniques so that you can ease any period symptom that’s causing you suffering on the spot.

Period Pain is no fun. Don’t be held back. You are destined for more…

Learn How to Avoid Cramps And Get Rid of Period Pain Forever.

Eliminate Cramps

Master your menstruation even just 50% more & enjoy a significant dip in period pain.

Obliterate Emotional Upheaval

Get off the roller coaster ride & get peace back in your life when you master your menstruation.

Enjoy Your Body

When you Master your Menstruation you will never need to suffer alone again.

We know you have a painful cycle.

We also know you’re not getting the help you’ve been looking for, but we believe no woman should suffer because of her period and she deserves a pain-free menstrual cycle.

Unlock your Menstrual Cycle

The 4 Keys to Get Rid of any Menstrual Symptom

STEP 1 – Question

Learn the question’s that will have you become your own best detective for yourself.

STEP 2 – Understand

Become an expert at balancing and understanding your own body with the right Somatic Knowledge.

STEP 3 – Allow

Clear any emotional wounds that are blocking your perfect inner harmony.

STEP 4 – New Action

You will find new answers within you and you will experience deep trust to take New Action.

You are in good Hands!

The women who come to us want Less Period Days and Minimal Symptoms. Kyla’s accomplished this. Let her teach you how. 

Most women’s period is painful and disgusting to her, she’s suffering every single month and no one is helping her.

We’re here to stop this epidemic. 

We understand you,

We want to help you with all your symptoms! Every symptom is crying out for help. For Attention. When you learn to listen to those symptoms and come into a relationship with them, they will dissipate. We promise.

Unlock your Symptoms and Get your Body Back!
Stop your Monthly Suffering.
Experience a Pain-Free Life.

Get Rid of Period Pain

Join the movement.


Design a career your Love.

Learn how I went from an hourly low-wage job to a successful business owner in months. You can use your period to shape your destiny. Your cycle is your inner compass. 


Create your Love Life

Experience the relationship of your dreams. I was able to ditch the bad men I let into my life and attracted sexy, kind, and loving men. By listening to the deepest time of my cycle, I was guided. You can be too.


Discover Confidence

I actually enjoyed my period because it became a time I really gotta put myself first. Which then turned around my body image from “there’s something wrong with me” to “wow, I’m really beautiful.” This fed my inner confidence.